Wishing Well

by Akhnaut

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released 16 November 2011
Luc P - all songs and music, gtr,vocals, programming and mixing
Justin Ossher - additional vocals and toys *tracks 4 and 10
Sam Mcnicol - bass on Prince
Mastering by Nao Anzai
Cover artwork by Joel Ralston
"Interzone" video clip at vimeo.com/30652715




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Track Name: Wishing Well
Wishing well oh wishing well
Yes you know you're gonna' die
Hung your folks out on the line
wishing well it never dries

Wishing Well oh wishing well
Cast your lines out to the sky
Make the choice you know will fly
In the end you're gonna die

Wishing Well oh make a spell
In the shape of your design
Look your god right in the eye and
Dance a shamrock wth the lie

Wishing well oh wishing well
Wishing money of the tree
Now you know you'll have to pay
Sending someone to their grave

Wishing well oh straight and true
Desire not and it will be
See the future in the wine
Wishing well there comes a time

Wishing well oh wishing well
Don't be scared what you will catch
Death is always in the eye
So wishing well don't ever dry
Track Name: Future Shock
In the shade the sun is gay
I been tripping about a year
Little dripper have a care
Macho stripper got the stare
Predeliction to dirt
Cowboy fiction we flirt
Must be why the Pharisees
Want to see the virgins bleed
Kali baby Interzone
Mugwamp jizzum in your blow

It's the future baby
It's the future now
Pattern recognition
Wear it on the brow
Touch your future baby
Give in to your doubts

Flippers dead bitch

Howling with a dog future techno of gods
Mezca ram on the tongue speaking binary song
Dreaming of a shaman telepathic in hurt
In the prowling divination of the opiate nerd
I’m rocking all the scenes of the yellow serpent
Picture card CIA man stuck in the dirt
Got the whole deck of playing cards singing in tongues
While the preacher flips a switch yeah the orgies begun

Its the future baby
Its the future now
Pattern recognition
It's the future baby
It's the future now
You're the dirty stranger
Come into your mouth
Touch your future baby
Give in to your doubts

Track Name: Interzone
Listen to the evidence for the soul
Black mamba penance in the zone
Cowboys and the Indians all a dream
Interplanetary harvesting
Always killing in your head
White noise as the bison bled
Virus spreading through the scene
Crucifixate centipede

Westerners got alibis for their souls
Tremors of a fag hate lines their jaws
We could sell a million dying suns
Street urchin artists could paint your gun
Guess is always good as gold
Snake bite slowly taking hold
Got to wake up on that shore
Anarchists are growing old

Never ever met a Siamese dream
Patterns in the vortex shoot the scene
Summons of the snake God in the chamber
Worms will be feeding on what they said
Track Name: Whistle If You're An Idiot
Horse riding clown
Sit pissing down
Rainbow flavoured shit
Urban dancing twist
Cowboy loving town
Same old common ground
Heat seeking missile
Fuhrers coming round
Baby it’s not natural holding hands with fractals
Dog with half a brain
Going to get laid
Squidzilla master
Get up of that ass
Fat belly blaster
Baby you so crass
Where’s the intellectual
Lets ruin his gown
Using words like toilet
Shit swirling round
Bow legged crooner making baby tuna
Wipe your ass with plaster legs of Ines Sastra
Soulful sins of cod
Hands up if you’re God
Preacher touch my tweeter
Feels good by the litre
Now we’re getting started Jesus he just farted
Moses water parted Ezekiel started

God you’re really shallow
Buy product yellow

He saw God while tripping on acid
You know the story its kinda boring
Now he sits in rooms alone, calling his dick the son of man
Some say it’s the old disease
Of a giant ego that can’t be pleased
Always getting the things it wants
And if it doesn’t get its way - goodbye heart

In the sun the paupers dance
Laughing streams that don’t make sense
Wading pools of ancient larks
Spherical patterns that haunt the dark

All the feats of Hercules
Couldn’t stop him from catching his Z’s
All for one and all for talk
Now he’s a drummer check out his bong
And then one day across the room
He spotted the eyes on the mushroom stalk
Now he talks with ancient spirits
Communing with angels on divine merits
If you got the Zen like riddle
You’ll be sitting around in a pool of piddle
It never was it never could be
It couldn’t exist it wasn’t real
Track Name: Sheep
Jacked of to Paris
Got the latest phone
Learned how to slam dance
From scarecrows
High beaming hard on
For GPS clones
Bought these bags at ****
So now you’re a ho

I learnt my shit at TV dinners
Dancing for blow
Fell in love with vampires
On that seventies show

Like a sheep convalescing
In the Hedge always stressing

Fucked your own cousin
Pussy lips and custard
Highly taboo
The French already do
Reptilian master
Shaking hands with Carter
What ya gonna do
When they come for you

Them eyes ember
Armed with splendour
Taste the gasses
Pollute the masses

Like a sheep convalescing
In the Hedge always stressing

Sailing to my, Retrogram
Got to act natural
Track Name: Prince
Oh no heresy
Take the money

Listen fuck you listen now
This is how it will go down
Past the hallways of your youth
Watch the wreckage of your truth

She saw the dagger turn
Whack MC's that will not burn
Curse of the witches house
Hides the secrets of control
Chance fell to spinning wheels
Destiny is six and nine
Bears at checkpoints they eat the best

On the way to hell
Past the ghosts of old

Moving round the dusky plane
In the courtyard of Arcane
Really mellow I say hello
Hey fine girl I'll be your Pharaoh

Like a dead eyed girl
Spot the leopard in the room
Gods of war they think they rule
Your wet dreams for farming fools
Proposed the Seventh soul
Time to take the Burroughs road
King makers of this burg
Drinking wine and aerosols
Built your house to eat the best

Built your house to eat the best
Track Name: The Place Of Dead Roads
Empty eyes killer of men
Poison cobra image of zen
The lambada purple in haze
Viral implant shot out to space

Listen there fix a cow
Fuck it yeah fucking Tao
Fuck Macman fuck Macmone
Fuck Macsand fuck my goat
Have a fag fuck it now
Sing your song make some gold
I’m your fan it’s in your soul
Fe-fe-fe-sa typical

Crying gun wipe your tears
Oh senor for you its death
Montezuma centipede king
Age of horror plucking the strings

Danger lurks in blessed crooks while god will crown the bore
Mountains of gold won’t keep vultures from their gore
Golden calves on serpents tongues spite priests and kingly whores
Misanthrope with 7 goats he holds the key like spores

And into the sky an eagle spaced - like a deadly harpoon
It smoked down village and it fell from the sun and besides
It was never seen by the screaming hysteric screaming would
Now the craft a came a spinning and it fell down a reeling and I
I dont know what could have been here before
But when they cut into, it it fell into it, it seeped into it, and like a skin and a disease the
scalpel marked the score